SingEval Difference

  • Evaluate based on Proof of Value during initial development
  • Manage large array of potential products under evaluation at any point
  • Increase probability of value realization for successful candidates while reducing costs to fail potential products
  • Enable global management and clinical operations, while enabling local partnerships throughout Europe
  • Specialize in understanding needs of small to medium healthcare companies
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Proof of Value

Delivering Proof of Value for Drugs, Devices & Diagnostics™

SingEval is the first global ‘Proof of Value’ company for new healthcare products. Based in the US, SingEval partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology leaders to provide rapid valuation of new drugs, medical devices and diagnostics. We are not a contract research organization (CRO), although we work closely with CROs when needed for some of our work.

We care only about differences that make a difference. One definition of insanity is doing things the same way and expecting a different result. Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been down a certain road before? Do your current internal or external partners insist on a certain way of operating based more on comfort or habit than results? In today’s world, the tried and true is obsolete and wasteful.

Figure 1: Global Discovery & Proof of Value Process